How Höbjörn came to be

The story of Höbjörn begins in 2006, after years of hay bag stuffing on the floor. Using Ikea bags in stables is both simple and practical but the packing was painful for both knees and back, It also required four arms to make it reasonably rational. After packing the bag would be weighed, and often we had to either add or remove hay, a tedious and time-consuming procedure that undoubtedly topped the list of Things I do not want to do in the stable.

Well, problems exist to be solved so after much thinking and many prototypes Höbjörn was born. A tool that holds the bag distended and weighs it while you pack it. Now it was easy to pack the bag, it also saved time and money which is never a disadvantage for us horse people!

Hope Höbjörn can help you too towards a smarter feeding process!

Lycka till! Good luck! Björn Larson & Maria Eriksson